The question we hear the most is "So, which one of you is Doctor Kielbasa?"

Well, the answer is that Doctor Kielbasa is no one person, it's all of us. Collectively as musicians, we love to play the music that runs deep in our blood. We like to think of the group as bigger than any one person, it really is a collaborative effort.

One of our fans probably said it better than we can: "Doctor Kielbasa is the collective musical energy of a veteran group of Minnesota musicians. They are the best."  Wow, we liked that.

The members of Doctor Kielbasa are:

Nick Chmielewski - Accordion, Vocals

Jim Dobosenski - Concertina, Vocals

Bernie Koslosky - Trumpet, Vocals

Nathan Neuman - Trumpet, Vocals

Roscoe Powell - Clarinet, Saxaphone

Mike Pilarski - Drums, Vocals

Tom Urbanski - Bass