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Here's the official press release that was distributed when Tastes Like Chicken was released by Sunshine Records:

July 25, 2007


CLOQUET, MN—The question has been asked and the answer is “Yes.”
Doctor Kielbasa released their new recording “Tastes Like Chicken,” the band’s third recording and their first since “Just What the Doctor Ordered” was issued in 2000. The new cd was released in July on the Sunshine Records label.
     “It’s easily one of the most frequent questions we get—when are you going to put out another recording?” said Tom Urbanski, bass player in Doctor Kielbasa. “So we now have an answer for that question, and we hope everyone likes what we’ve put together on Tastes Like Chicken.”
     Seven years is a long time between recordings, but Doctor Kielbasa is making up for the time gap by putting a whopping 20 tunes on Tastes Like Chicken. The collection includes original tunes written by band member Gary Hagen, as well as songs borrowed and adapted from different musical styles. From the original “Gather ‘Round the Bandstand” that opens the recording to unique covers of songs made famous by music superstars, the line-up is full of imagination.
     Not forgetting the roots of polkas, Doctor Kielbasa also included a nice set of traditional numbers that are most requested during their live performances. It’s basically an homage to the groups that influenced the members of Doctor Kielbasa. Specific songs or arrangements by artists including Blazonczyk, Lil’ Wally, Gomulka, Yankovic, Liszka, the Dynatones, and The Boys round out the new recording and add a familiar element that should please a wide range of polka fans.
     “When we first started talking about cutting another album, we came up with a handful of original tunes and covers unique to our band that we had been playing live for awhile,” said Urbanski. “It was pretty easy to get to 10 or 12 new tunes, but then we got to thinking why not 
include a bunch of traditional polka tunes that we like to play or that get requested most often when we perform. We had to stop at 20, but we think we picked really good songs that have stood the test of time, no matter who recorded the songs or how often they have been done. Let’s just call them ‘classics’ of polka music.”
     Doctor Kielbasa used Sound Resources in Woodbury, MN, as their studio of choice, and Gary Rhamy at Peppermint Studios in Youngstown, Ohio, handled the mixing and mastering. The band worked with Executive Producer Mike Nowakowski at Sunshine Records in New York for production and distribution. Doctor Kielbasa’s first two recordings were also issued on the Sunshine label.
     Now in their 12th year, it didn’t take Doctor Kielbasa long to establish a positive reputation for performing good polka music and fun dances. It’s fair to say they have made their mark in polka history in Minnesota and the upper Midwest region.
     The group started as a fun hobby shared among a group of friends and musicians who had played polkas for years, but never played collectively together. The members of the band currently live in northern Minnesota and around the Twin Cities metro area, respectively.
     “I remember when we first talked about putting the band together that we were only going to play two, maybe three years as sort of a one last time thing before some of us put our instruments down and retired from regular performing,” said Urbanski. “I don’t think any of us thought we would still be playing this many years down the road, or that we would have recorded three albums. We have a nice schedule set for this year and several gigs already in place for next year, so it looks like we’ll be around for at least a little while longer.”