Doctor Kielbasa has three recordings, all released on the Sunshine Records label. Our recordings are available directly from us at one of our gigs, or send us an email if you just can't wait to see us to get a copy. Contact us at

Tastes Like Chicken

Our third and most recent recording, Tastes Like Chicken, was released in July 2007. Thanks to our fans, it was an instant success, quickly becoming a highly requested recording within the polka music industry as reported by retailers and radio/Internet disc jockeys. We're happy that it was so warmly received, and the critical reviews and anecdotal comments we heard made the project worthwhile for us. You can read the original press release about Tastes Like Chicken on our Notes and News page of the website, too.  The songlist includes:

1. Gather 'Round the Bandstand

2. Bad Moon Rising

3. Wandzia

4. Crinoline

5. Before the Next Teardrop Falls

6. We Can Work It Out

7. All the Flowers

8. Stubborn Boy

9. Play On Words of Love

10. Haystack

11. Polish Girlfriend

12. Jake and Mary

13. That's Where My Money Goes

14. She Smiled

15. Polka Twist

16. Making Believe

17. Barbara

18. Just Because

19. My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own

20. The Unlikely Tribute to Johnny Cash (Bonus Track)

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Our second recording, Just What the Doctor Ordered,  was released in June 2000. Once again on the Sunshine Records label of New York, this sophomore set by Doctor Kielbasa continued to build on the solid foundation established with the band's debut recording a few years earlier. Hit songs from the recording include the band's original minor-key tune "Under The Knife,"  the Roy Orbison-esque "Dream Baby," pop waltz "Red, Red Wine," and the rousing "Big Kielbasa Medley." The songlist includes:

1. To Know Her Is To Love Her

2. Got to Go

3. Dream Baby

4. Under the Knife

5. Red, Red Wine

6. You're My Baby

7. Don't Start the Dance Without Me

8. The Big Kielbasa Medley

9. Tap Your Toe

10. Dreamin' In Three-Quarter Time

11. Przyjechal Kawaler

12. Under the Trees

13. Sweet Mary

14. Let's Bring Back the Love

The Doctor Is In

Ok, so we got lucky with our first recording, The Doctor Is In,  when it became an instant hit. The first printing sold out so our label, Sunshine Records, had to order a second printing. That's pretty unusual in the polka music industry, and we were fortunate that it happened to us with our debut recording! What made it so popular...well, we were a new band at the time, Sunshine did some great distribution for us, and the collection of tunes seemed to be what polka fans wanted. Some of the most requested tunes included the instrumental written by Gary Hagen "Shoot the Moon," the energetic "Light Brown Hair," and the very likeable "Hey Mr. Music Man" and "Scarlet Ribbons." Of course the two biggest hits were Gary Hagen's original tune "Pass It On," a people-pleaser about keeping polka music alive for future generations, and the Johnny Cash-inspired "Ring of Fire."  The songlist includes:

1. Before the Party Begins/Let's Have a Party

2. Big Tree

3. Ring of Fire

4. Light Brown Hair

5. I'll Marry You Next Saturday

6. Years From Now

7. Hey Cavalier

8. Hey Mr. Music Man

9. I'll Just Up and Go

10. Kuku Oberek

11. I'll Never Marry

12. Scarlet Ribbons

13. Shoot the Moon

14. Pass It On